Valya Boutenko

A house without books is like a room without windows.

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Valya Boutenko - The Curse

The Curse

Wendell is a gifted young wizard who accidentally plunges his world into a terrible era of hardship. As punishment for this mistake, his master curses him to create a small, but heavy stone every time he casts a spell. Wendell soon discovers that the stones he carries render him immortal. Determined to set things right, but unable to use magic, Wendell risks it all for the chance to undo his mistake—but nothing goes according to plan. While fighting to protect the world he doomed, Wendell discovers an abandoned child in the woods and his life takes an unexpected turn into fatherhood. Trying hard to keep from becoming the evil wizard everyone believes him to be, Wendell must make unthinkable sacrifices in his quest to undo the fatal mistake of his youth.

Valya Boutenko - The Pillar of Dominance

The Pillar of Dominance

To save his world, Warren takes on a dangerous quest that was never meant for him. Warren travels across a land ruled by evil for one thousand years in search of the Pillar of Dominance. While navigating his treacherous world he befriends an ancient wizard with a mysterious curse, and comes upon the beautiful Nella, a clairvoyant girl from another time. Torn by the desperate need to save his world, and his desire to protect Nella from the forces that seek to destroy her, Warren is forced to find courage inside fear itself. As haunting secrets reveal themselves, Warren discovers his trust misplaced and finds that not all his friends are harmless, and not all his enemies are foes.

Valya Boutenko - The Change

The Change

When Callie Morgan becomes a mermaid, she is reluctantly drawn into a secret and perilous world hiding in plain sight. Her life is hurled into a state of chaos that challenges her relationship with her mother and tests her friendships at school. She receives a shock when she discovers that her handsome best friend, Adrian, has been keeping a secret of his own. Callie is further uprooted by the alarming realization that she can see and speak with ghosts. Her own illusions shattered, Callie must use her newfound abilities to protect her friends from dangers they cannot comprehend.

About the Author

Valya Boutenko graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2007. Valya is the author of several novels including, The Change, The Pillar of Dominance, and The Curse. She has studied story building with world-famous authors and film directors from around the world. Valya is dedicated to producing gripping stories that delight, surprise, and inspire YA readers.

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