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Green Smoothie Recipes

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GreenSmoothieRecipe cover2This 10-page eBook makes blending smoothies a snap. Once you read Valya’s simple components of smoothie making, your blending troubles will be over, and you will surprise everyone with the exceptional textures and flavors of your green smoothies. Moreover, you will learn how to fix an unsuccessful smoothie in to a mouthwatering dessert just by adding the right kind of fruit. In this helpful little book, Valya proves that food really can be nutritious and delicious at the same time!


    • 10 outstanding green smoothie recipes
    • How to achieve great texture and consistency
    • The best water to use in smoothies
    • Fruits to use for flavor variance
    • The one combination of greens and fruit to avoid
    • What common ingredient can make a smoothie turn bitter
    • Bonus recipe at the end


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